Advanced Threat Research

Increasingly, people around the world depend on technology for their daily activities. Making this technology trustworthy involves a deep understanding of how attacks work. By researching security vulnerabilities, the Advanced Threat Research (ATR) team in Intel Security discovers opportunities to drive toward more secure technology.

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When we discover vulnerabilities, we seek to coordinate the disclosure and drive mitigations with affected technology vendors. A description of our disclosure process is available for reference.


Security of Platform Hardware and Firmware

The Advanced Threat Research team has been performing security analysis on system firmware for many years. Much of this work was traditionally performed in the context of internal security validation; however, security problems in the system firmware implementations such as BIOS and UEFI firmware often affect the entire industry. Consequently, we expanded the scope of security research to help platform and BIOS manufacturers improve security of system firmware implementations. We continue publish results of this research, including tools which help increase overall confidence in the platform. read more


Security of Virtualization Technologies

Virtualization security has become important both in the datacenter and on the endpoint. The Advanced Threat Research team has a variety of contributions including technical descriptions of threats and mitigations as well as tools for assessing particular systems and further research. read more


Security of Crypto Software

Issues in crypto libraries have raised awareness regarding the security of crypto implementations. The Advanced Threat Research team has contributed analysis of such implementations, including SSL/TLS and general purpose crypto libraries. read more