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    Intel is building a new level of security into every facet of computing technology. Through a robust combination of hardware and software, we seek to help make your digital world more secure.

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    McAfee delivers innovative solutions that secure computers, mobile devices, and networks around the world. Our security solutions protect consumers, small businesses, and enterprises from the latest malware and emerging online threats.

    The Latest from Intel Security:

    Intel Security Controller ›

    Enabling software-defined security in the data center

    Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions ›

    Secures payment and consumer transaction information from card presentation to the server

About Intel Security

Combining the security expertise of McAfee with the innovation, performance, and trust of Intel.

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Security Connected

Simplify security with a single platform and unified framework, backed by real-time threat intelligence.

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Insights on security trends and threats from Intel Security and McAfee executives.

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About Intel Security

Technology has the power to enrich the life of everyone. To transform how we live and work. But as technology becomes more deeply integrated into life, security must be more deeply integrated into technology.

By combining the security expertise of McAfee with the innovation, performance, and trust of Intel, this vision is becoming a reality.

Security that’s built-in by design, seamlessly integrated into every device at every layer of the compute stack. Protecting valuable intellectual property, data, devices, and identities. So in everyday and business life, people can feel secure in the digital world.

It’s why we’re taking a “security connected” approach. Across every architecture of every platform from chip to cloud — smartphones and tablets to PCs, servers, and beyond. We’re moving security from discrete solutions to an integrated approach as pervasive as computing itself.

As a first step, we are making mobile security free across devices and platforms around the globe. It’s the beginning of a journey that’s full of possibilities.